Please Support us

The New Futures Academy is currently in the process of of being developed. We need widespread public support to help us with this! There are various ways in which you could help with this should you wish to. 

What Can I do?

If you would like to help support the development of this exciting new educational opportunity, then there is much that you can do: 

  • Like and share our Facebook Page, share our Facebook posts and follow us on Instagram
  • Tell as many people as you can about us, encourage people to do our online survey.
  • Let us know what you would like to see include in the New Futures Academy‚Äôs provision via the survey or direct email via the contact us page.
  • Help us expand our network of local sustainable businesses interested in creating educational and work experience opportunities for our students.
  • Fundraising; we are currently trying to raise funds to enable us to offer our courses free or substantially subsidised to young people. Additionally, we are looking in to ways to raise funding to pay for our administration, site infrastructure and operational costs. If you are able to help us with our fundraising, please contact us, or if you are able to donate to our Crowdfunder, please follow this link
  • Volunteer! with no core funding, most of our work is done on a voluntary basis at present. If you have a little spare time, and believe in what we are doing, please consider lending a hand! Contact us via email with an idea of what sort of time and skills you have to share.
  • Take part in our online survey.

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