A Six Week Wellbeing Programme

This six week course is aimed at supporting people who have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is suitable for people who feel that their mental/emotional health has in some way been effected, and who feel they would benefit from support to become more confident, resilient and prepared to re-emerge into society.

The course will guide participants through a series of emotional resilience building exercises, and is carefully designed to build individual resilience and strengthen the nervous system, promoting healthy social engagement systems and allowing for coping strategies to be learnt, practised and developed. 

Activities and learning will include using breath work, self soothing techniques, changing negative thought patterns, nature connection, building a strong foundation of self belief, understanding the importance of social engagement systems, and building a personal, self resourcing, trauma informed ‘mental health’ tool kit.

The New Futures Academy is proud to be offering this program in collaboration with one of Devon’s leading psychotherapists and EMDR practitioners, Leigh Smith. Leigh brings an in-depth knowledge, decades of experience in the field of psychotherapy, and has designed this programme as a response to the NFA’s beautiful site

The sessions will take place in our beautiful yurt on the edge of Dartington, surrounded by the glorious Devon landscape, with meadows and woodland to access an inner sense of calm and peace.  There will be opportunities to work both alone and as a group, and along with the educational aspects of the program, there will be opportunities to embody the techniques, and also plenty of time to enjoy the peace and calm of the site, sit, relax and connect to others in a safe and supported environment.

Cost: £330. Concessions & payment plans available.