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The New Futures Academy Youth Mentoring Group is a programme of fortnightly workshops for young people aged 13 - 19 focusing on skills learning, mentoring and wellbeing.

We have a small pot of funding to pay for a second facilitator for a minimum of 5, potential of 12 workshop days on alternate Sundays from May to October 2022 (see dates below). There is potential to expand on this role subject to successful future funding bids. We are very much open to ideas and collaboration.

We are also allocating a small amount of this funding to pay a fundraiser; to help us ensure the group, and this work, continues and potentially expands beyond the current funded programme.

What is the Youth Mentoring Group?

Our mentoring group presents a fantastic opportunity for young people to connect with nature, learn new outdoor skills and meet like minded young people, whilst also sharing and learning ways to enhance mental health and wellbeing under the guidance of a skilled tutor and mentor. It's a bit like a youth club, mixed with a forest school, but for teenagers!

What do we do?

Each week, we start by meeting around the campfire, with cups of tea and a little breakfast snack; the facilitators offer a range of specific activities that they have prepared for, and the group members discuss and agree what they would like to do throughout the day. Often the group members will propose their own ideas for what we do in the day; and if it is feasible, and the group agrees, then we go with that! The day is usually broken up into 1 or two hour activities, although the activities can sometimes be longer, and sometimes shorter. Activities have so far included such things as; making rustic wooden furniture, wild food foraging & plant identification, campfire cookery (with wild food), permaculture designs for the garden, making a hugelkultur raised bed, nature connection, leatherwork, linocuts, drawing, painting, photography, stealth bushcraft games and lots of fun silly circle games! 

For the young people attending, It is an ideal place for learning in a non-mainstream environment, and also for making friends and socialising with people of a similar age and interests. 

Who is it for?

It is for anyone aged 14 - 19 who enjoys being outdoors in nature. It is a non qualification group, but is suitable for Home Education learning experience. This group is also ideal for young people wishing to meet other young people in a relaxed but focused social environment. The relaxed and safe environment we create means that the participants often feel encouraged and enabled to share thoughts and discuss interesting topics. .

The Ethos:

There is a particular ethos guiding the programme; it is not a qualification programme, and is intended to create a space where the participants can learn and connect to nature , and to each other, at their own pace and in a non-pressured environment. There is no obligation for the participants to do any of the activities if they don’t want to. Group activities are chosen through a democratic process, and where possible we also make space for individual interests to be met. Respect, inclusivity and kindness towards each other are central principles to the way we work and communicate.

The Role (freelance facilitators):

We are looking for a third freelance co-facilitator to join Chris and Jenna, rotating sessions so that there are always two of us facilitating each group session. Sessions are from 10 am until 4pm (facilitators arrive by 9:30 and leave by 4:30/5 to set up and pack down for the day). There will be 10 sessions this season, so you will need to do a minimum of 5 sessions. Each facilitator is asked to arrive with at least two activities planned (to be discussed and arranged prior to each session). We pay £150 per day for fully experienced staff. We will agree in advance of each session who will source and prepare resources and materials, and there is an additional £65 for labour costs as agreed for this work, and a small pot for materials.

Skills and Experience (Group Facilitator)

You will need to have experience in working with young people, and proof of a current DBS check. Good communication skills, a non-judgemental and inclusive approach, empathy and positivity are also essential for holding the safe and inclusive space we create.

You will need to have skills and experience in organising and leading nature based workshop activities for young people; these could include bushcraft skills, nature connection exercises, permaculture/horticulture, conservation, and ecology. The group participants often like to make things, so creativity, art and craft skills are also very useful in this context. A knowledge of plants, food growing and wildlife is useful, and an interest in such things is pretty much essential. Creative writing and poetry have also featured strongly in our activities to date; so if this is an area of skill or interest that you share, then you will have an opportunity to engage with this also.

The Role (fundraiser)

We are looking for a freelance fundraiser to help us continue and expand the work we do at The New Futures Academy. We have a budget of £1000 for this and are expecting to pay £20 per hour - making this 50 hours worth of work to be completed between May and October 2022. We are flexible in terms of when those working hours will be, subject to discussion and agreement. The role will involve meeting with the project director and facilitators to learn about the project, and to discuss and agree funding strategies. You will research funding sources and write the funding bids. You will liaise with the project director at each key stage of the funding bids. There is a potential for the fundraiser to generate future funds for their work with us via the funding bids they work on.

Skills and Experience

Knowledge and experience of fundraising is prefereable, as is experience in community, outdoor and/or events organisation. An understanding of CIC’s and business strategy, as well as of educational contexts and safeguarding processes is also useful. You will need to have proven organisational abilities, and of course be able to work well in a positive collaborative team context.

How to apply

If you are interested in either of these roles, please send your CV, and an email stating both why you would like to do this work, and why you think you would be a good fit, to Chris, at

If you would like to speak to Chris for more details, please call

07886 917937