Hugelkulture - Sunday 17th October

Hugelkuture is an old germanic word for ‘hill culture’, and it is commonly used to describe an old horticultural technique, made famous by permaculturalist Sepp Holzer. A Hugelkulture bed is essentially a no-dig raised bed in which compostable material and soil is heaped on top of branches and dead wood logs. The decomposing material inside the mound is brilliant for retaining moisture, building fertility and maximising surface area. There’s a bit more to it than that, but why not come along, learn through practice, build a hugelkulture bed and find out what it’s all about?

This will be a fun, informative and relaxed day, with food and refreshments provided - ideal for those interested in permaculture techniques and organic gardening. We will also learn a little about permaculture design and some of the other permaculture techniques being used at Little Barton, including; forest gardening, no-dig gardening, compost toilets and composting.

Tutor: chris Smith

Location: Little Barton

Suitable for: Adults and young permacuturalists mostly, but all ages welcome. Children under 13 must be accompanied & supervised by an adult. Light to moderate physical activity.

Cost: £55 adults £25 young people (13 - 18) Children accompanied by adults go free.

Duration: 10 am - 3:30pm

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