Eco-Poetry: A Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes 

Weds 3rd June (ages 10 - 13) - & Weds 28th July (ages 13+) – Rethinking Narrative Perspectives: A delightful delve into different narrative perspectives. Learning whilst having fun, this (one-day) workshop will ask you to rethink the way we see the world. Starting with Thomas Nagel’s famous essay on what it might be like to be a bat, we will look at how other beings on this planet see things from a different perspective. We will explore what an animal might write about if they were able, and we will learn about how trees communicate, asking if they could ever write a poem.

Tutor: Jude Allen

Suitable for: Ages 10 - 13 (3rd June) & Adults and ages 13+ (28th July)

Cost: £55 adults £25 young people (13 - 18) Children accompanied by adults go free.

Duration: 10 am - 3:30pm

Location: Little Barton

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