Coping with Climate Change; A one day workshop for young adults aged 15 - 21

Date: October 5th Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

How does it feel to be living in a time of climate and ecological emergency?

How can we live ‘well’ and thrive in these challenging times? Join us for a deep dive workshop on responding creatively to the climate challenge. Our skilful facilitators will lead open discussions on climate anxiety, activism, protest and mental health in the face of climate emergency. All young people are welcome, no knowledge of the topic is required, we will explore this together. Come expecting to participate, engage and share. The workshop will take place in a beautiful woodland near Totnes. The day will include: Outdoor Learning, Mindfulness, Creative group work, Campfire cooking.

This workshop is also an excellent 'introduction day' to our longer short courses; particularly the 10 day 'Youth Activist Leadership Programme' and the 12 day 'Young Persons Permaculture Design Certificate' 

Cost: Donations (you decide what and how much, could be cash, food or smiles etc.) 

Venue: The Apricot Centre, Dartington, Totnes

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Call: 07887917937