2020 Public Events & Workshops Programme

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May 16th & 17th: Build a cob oven 

A full weekend course in which we design and build a cob pizza oven. The course will include theory, design and creativity!                                    adults £165 

young people (18 and under) £25.                                               

First Firing/Pizza feast - June 28th Half Day: £12 per head

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May 30th & 31st: Build a compost Toilet 

A fun and very practical 2 day weekend workshop. Together we will design and build a fully functioning luxury glamping style outdoor compost toilet, whilst also learning and discussing different designs and theories for compost toilet systems.


Adults £150

Young People (18 and under) £25

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June 13th - Campfire Cookery (half day event)

Food just always seems to taste better when you’re outdoors! Join us for an afternoon of fun, foraging and feasting! We will teach you how to make a good fire and discuss various campfire cookery methods, we’ll do some wild food foraging, make some campfire bread and cook up a mighty campfire goulash (amongst other yummies)


adults £30 

young people (18 and under) £8

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July 11th: The Specimen and The Muse: Nature Observation & Ecology (1 day workshop)

It’s amazing how much you can learn about a whole species, and local area and the subject of ecology through the observation of a single individual plant or animal out in nature. Why is it living there, and how is it interacting with its environment? There are so many interesting questions we can explore. This will be the starting point for our workshop. We will then help you to add to your new found skills in scientific observation with creative and artistic forms of exploration and expression (creative writing, illustration, photography, film; whatever suits your interest). Time spent observing nature is also excellent for enhancing wellbeing; so we will bring a little bit of mindfulness to the day too.


adults £65 

young people (18 and under) £10 

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26th September: What Do We Do About The Climate? (1 day workshop)

Ages 15 - 18             

How does it feel to be a young person in an age of climate and ecological emergency? How can I make a difference in my life? What would I enjoy doing to make that difference? These are some of the questions we will explore in a fun and interactive day of exploration and discussion. We will explore practical climate and ecological solutions on a global, local and personal scale; helping the students to understand and make informed choices about what they could do, using their own sense of agency and creativity, whilst supportively addressing the emotional impact of these challenging times

Costs: Donation

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