The New Futures Academy is a new educational initiative, currently in development and planning to deliver full time Further Education courses for young people in South Devon.
Our Vision
The Academy will be small in size; a 'Micro College'. We aim to provide an enriching education for 16 - 19 yr olds, based on ecological design thinking. We will be based in the Totnes and Dartington area.
Our curricula will be focused on employability and sustainability; equipping young people with the practical skills and personal attributes to meet the needs of society, industry and the planet in a changing future, whilst meeting and developing their own aspirations and unique potential. Our students will become entrepreneurs, change agents, ‘Solutioneers’.

The program will feature work placement opportunities & live client brief situations, community collaborations, outdoor learning and nature connection experiences, with fully supportive mentoring from our staff. We will work with industry leaders & social entrepreneurs, making local, national and international links and opportunities for our students to gain the most enriching experiences possible. Much of the learning will be hands on and practical, with time and effective mentoring to help the students reflect on their learning in every experience.
For the students, the experience will be fun, creative and adventurous. It will be a college where the students are encouraged and helped to be independent, where students will be treated as adults and really listened to. We will help each student to shape their learning experience around their own unique interests and abilities. Importantly, it's about connection; helping our students to connect to their true selves, their peers, communities and the planet
The development process will take some time. We are currently establishing and developing important partnerships and suitable infrastructure, as well as building public support and working with volunteers. Our full time courses will start in September 2020, and we are also looking at developing short courses for the academic year of 2019/20. 
We Need Your Support!
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