Coping with Climate Change; A one day workshop for young people aged 15 - 21

Date: October 5th Time: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

How does it feel to be a young person living in this time of climate and ecological emergency? How would you like to respond to these issues?

These are questions we will be asking and exploring in a fun day of activities and discussions in this one day workshop. Whether it is simply to find positive ways to emotionally cope with 'climate anxiety', ways to 'find your voice' in protest or to respond in practical ways, this workshop will create a safe space to explore these responses, with highly skilled facilitation from the workshop tutors Chris Smith and Kanada Elizabeth Gorla.

The core focus of the day will be in listening to each other and discussion, and then information sharing on mental health techniques, climate change solutions and ideas on how we might need to 'adapt' (known as 'Deep Adaptation') should the planet warm above 1.5 degrees. The day will also feature time outdoors, mindfulness and nature connection techniques, and - importantly preparing food and feasting together (campfire cuisine!). 

This workshop is also an excellent 'introduction day' to our longer short courses; particularly the 10 day 'Youth Activist Leadership Programme' and the 12 day 'Young Persons Permaculture Design Certificate' 

Cost: Donations (you decide what and how much, could be cash, food or smiles etc.) 

Venue: The Glade, The Woodland Presents, Dartington

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Call: 07887917937